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SOAP NUTS: Detergent that Harvested from Trees

Did you know that before our time of buying detergents in Supermarkets, our ancestors harvest them from trees? Soap nuts are an environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternative to washing your laundry.  They are gaining popularity, especially in the US and Europe, with people moving away from chemicals and seeking a natural way to clean. at minimal impact to the environment.

Pondok Botani Lerak Kering

Soap nuts is the common name for the fruit from the Sapindus  tree genus, ours is from the Sapindus rarak, hence the local name Lerak or Klerek. These “nuts” has been used by our ancestors for centuries for various applications such as washing the precious Batik (Indonesian hand-dyed traditional cloth), showering their Keris (Indonesian traditional weapon) or jewelries, and even use them as personal care such as hair washing and bathing. You too can experience the various uses of this amazing soap nuts.  Quoting from an avid soap nut user “The only limit I can see in the use of soap berries, is in ones own limitations of ideas for its many uses”

The key-cleaning component in soap nuts is its saponin content. Saponin is a natural surfactant that makes the water “wetter” and able to cut through dirt and grime easier.  Like soap, when the shells of the soap nut and water interact, saponin is released and thus suds is produced.

Other  facts about Soap Nuts:

  1. Soap nut is  Phospate Free. Most detergents contain phosphates.  While phosphates is not directly toxic to the environment, it is food for algae.  Too much algae reduces the level of oxygen in water, hence suffocating fish and plants beneath.
  2. Soap nuts has been used as lice control and insecticides. Naturally saponin has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
  3. Soap nut is great for cleaning your gold, silver and gemstones jewelries.

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